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Only with strong partners at your side can you perform your best and move mountains.

Thanks to our partnerships, we are able to provide you with the all-around relaxing and enjoyable stay in the beautiful Spreewald that you deserve. With us, taking care of you to your complete satisfaction is a MUST.

Excellent and delicious dining.


Offers you the SPREE.Erlebnisrestaurant the upscale regional cuisine of the Spreewald, so you can in the SPREE.Breakfast, Burger & More handmade and down-to-earth dining. If you are looking for even more variety in your daily menu, you must try our “sister restaurant”.

Lodging in fine ambience

SPREE.Hotel in der Altstadt

This hotel offers all the amenities you need for a completely relaxing vacation. Take a look (online).

Knowing the way

Spreewald-Tourist information Lübbenau e.V.

Here you will be helped to find your way through the many beautiful ramifications of the Spreewald.

Recreation directly on the water

Large port Lübbenau

Here you can find everything: from the most beautiful shopping opportunities to delicious food and pure relaxation right on the water.

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Large barge ferry port Lübbenau / Spreewald
Dammstraße 77a
03222 Lübbenau / Spreewald

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