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Tasty thirst quencher

Drinking pleasure with variety

We offer a wide range of beverages – from cold to hot, from soft to light, and even high-proof beverages enjoyed in moderation.

For us at the SPREE.Erlebnisrestaurant, physical well-being has always included a special drinking pleasure. Our drinks menu is the best proof that we strive to offer the right “wet” for every taste and occasion. Enjoy your studies!

Our drinks

Get to know our wide range of delicious and soothing drinks. Guaranteed you will quickly discover something for yourself. Just drop by ‘once in a while and let the SPREE.Erlebnisrestaurant spoil your palate.

Aperitif - fruity & fresh

„Lillet Berry“

7,50 €

Lillet Blanc, vanilla syrup, wild berries & fresh orange, topped with Schweppes Russian Wild Berry.

„Lillet Ginger“

6,90 €

Lillet Blanc, elderflower syrup, lime & fresh mint, topped with Schweppes Ginger Ale.

… both aperitifs also non-alcoholic.

5,90 €


6,90 €

Fresh lime, mint, elderflower syrup, prosecco.

Aperol Sprizz

6,90 €

Prosecco (or white wine), Aperol, soda, orange.

Orange Spritz

5,90 €

non-alcoholic white wine, Monin Orange Spritz, soda, orange – non-alcoholic.

Draft beer

Radeberger Pils, Ur-Krostitzer Schwarzbier, Büble EdelWEISSbier – from the Allgäu, Lübbenauer Babbenbier, Freiberger Radler naturally cloudy, Potsdamer, Diesel, Freiberger Pils, Berliner Weiße ROT / GRÜN, Freiberger Alkoholfrei, Freiberger Radler Alkoholfrei, Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Alkoholfrei, Büble EdelWEISSbier Alkoholfrei


Red wines (Winery Hartzfelder Hof – Rheinhessen)


fresh fruity style, light aromas of strawberries and raspberries, pleasantly soft and refreshing

gleams deep dark red and has a lush scent of black cherries, fresh – strong, but not too strong, structure
Blauer Spätburgunder
harmonious, mild with fine fruit
White wines (Winery Hartzfelder Hof – Rheinhessen)
Müller Thurgau

uncomplicated, pale to light yellow, nuances of juicy apple, discreet acidity

Riesling Schoppen

tangy, slender type, very fine fruit, present acidity, decent finish, crisp citrus-apple scent.

Müller Thurgau Schoppen

fresh, light, fruity with subtle acidity, light nutmeg note as well as aromas of ripe apples

Riesling Spätlese

full-bodied, with power and elegance. Aroma of blossom honey and citrus


fresh on the palate with hints of black currant, ripe apple. mild acidity


Rosé (Winery Hartzfelder Hof – Rheinhessen)

Dornfelder Rosé

tangy-fresh. mild acidity, aromas from orange to strawberry


Martini, Caipirinha, Hugo, Aperol Sprizz.
Spreewald-Gimlet, Cucumber-Booster, Spreewald-Martini.
Bahian Breeze, Flying Kangaroo, Sex on the Beach.


Bahian Breeze, Flying Kangaroo, Hot Caramel Colada, Sex on the Beach.


Pina Colada, Swimming Pool, Long Island Ice Tea, Hurricane, Mai Tai, Zombie.


Caipi Bull, Green Melon Bull, Red Bull light flight.


Coconut Kiss, Light Banana, Greeny, Virgin Pina Colada, Strawberry Cooler, Ipanema.

Other drinks

Pepsi Cola, Sparkler Apple Spritzer, 7 UP, Mirinda, Spezi, Sparkler Table Water, Red Fassbrause, Apollinaris Mineral Water, ViO Still Mineral Water, Bitter Lemon, Tonic Water, Ginger Ale, Pepsi Light, Kandimalz (malt beer), Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Cherry Juice, Banana Juice, Pineapple Juice, Tomato Juice, Kiba (Banana Juice with Cherry Juice).
Glass “Eilles” tea
Assam Special, Earl Grey Premium, Green Tea Asia Superior, Summer Berries, Tea Spa Magick Refresh, Herb Garden, Peppermint, Yogi Tea – Heavenly Happiness Tea Organic, Organic Rooibos Pure, Organic Vervenia, Yogi Tea – Black Chai Bioi.
Brewed beans & leaves
Cup of coffee cream, cup of coffee decaffeinated, cappuccino italiano, cappuccino panna, latte, latte macchiato, latte macchiato with Nutella, latte macchiato with Baileys, latte macchiato with flavor (syrup), espresso originals, espresso doppio, chocochino, café mexicana, Dutch coffee, hot chocolate COCAYA, hot white chocolate, hot lemon, mulled wine, grog.

Sparkling wine & Prosecco

Bernard Massard (dry or semi-dry), Prossecco Mionetto

Long drinks

Havana Club Cola, Brugal Cola, Captain Morgan Cola, Jim Beam Cola, Bacardi Cola, Vodka Cola, Campari Orange, Gin Tonic, Vodka Red Bull.


Korn & Vodkas, Aperitif, Liqueurs, Fruit Liqueurs, Brandy & Brandy, Herbs & Bitters, Whiskeys, Gin, Grappa, Rum, Tequila.

… and many more drinks on offer!

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