Awards Spree Erlebnisrestaurant


and Certificates

Not only excellent, but also „awarded"!

The SPREE.Erlebnisrestaurant impresses with its ambience, hospitality and high quality in its food and drinks.

Experience for yourself what it means to enjoy at a high level and at the same time remain informal. The SPREE.Erlebnisrestaurant welcomes its guests as visitors seeking relaxation and looseness, but also entertainment and, quite naturally, upscale cuisine with guaranteed princely pleasure for the discerning palate. Because one does not exclude the other at all!

Very fresh from next door, as evidenced by the

Regional umbrella brand Spreewald

Registered at the German Patent Office. The regional umbrella brand Spreewald confirms and guarantees that our dishes meet the origin and quality criteria of the Spreewald region!

Umbrella brand logo „Spreewald“
Award for the SPREE.Erlebnisrestaurant 2020/2021: The seal „Brandenburger Gastlichkeit“
„Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal" – „We are there.“

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Large barge ferry port Lübbenau / Spreewald
Dammstraße 77a
03222 Lübbenau / Spreewald

Tel.: 03542 83145
Fax: 03542 879167