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in the Bowling section

Sport makes you hungry!

We will provide you with snacks and food during your tournament.

Those who exercise must also ensure a proper supply of nutritious food. We offer you with our special menu for the bowling alley the right power dispensers for in between. May you come out of this competition powerful and victorious.


Baked feta cheese

with tomato and onion rings and homemade balsamic cream, served with our fresh cucumber bread.

Nachos chips

with hearty cheese dip.

Nachos chips

with hearty cheese dip.

French fries

with ketchup & mayonnaise.

Curry sausage from the Spreewald butcher

with homemade curry sauce and french fries.

„Captain Jack Sparrow’s“- Burger

125 g grilled, pure, fresh beef in a sesame seed bun on homemade burger sauce on lettuce, topped with cheese, tomatoes, onions and cucumber slices on top, served with French fries.

Nibbles mix

For the allergen labeling we have made a clear detailed extra card for you!

Currywurst and fries in the bowling area

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